Trolling for Tuna

Class details:

Available Sessions* Location Instructor
Thursday, September 23, 4:00 pm Space B39 Captain Phil Howarth
Sunday, September 26, 2:00 pm Space B39 Captain Phil Howarth

Class description:

Probably the most iconic way to catch Tuna, this seminar will cover the gear required, advise on ‘The Spread’ discuss Bars, Ballyhoo, Daisy Chains and lures. What colors to use when and where. There is nothing quite like the initial few seconds when a tuna hits a trolled Bar!!

About Captain Phil Howarth

Since his Honeymoon in 1994, Capt Phil visited the Cape with his family every year till finally washing ashore in 2012. Owner of the Goose Hummock and Captain of the, a 44ST’ Contender fishing machine, Capt Phil is a passionate fisherman who fishes Freshwater through to chasing Tuna as far as the Canyons.

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